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Parrot Pockets XSM are designed for a wide variety of small birds, not just parrots.  Parrots such as budgies, linoleated parakeets, green cheeked conures use this size well. 

Offer this size to small softbills such as canaries, finches, mousebirds to utilize!

Parrot Pocket XSM

  • Your extra small birds such as finches, parakeets, green cheeked conures will manipulate their beaks to reach into the holes. This Pocket is highly recommended for these smaller birds as the holes are easier for them to manipulate than Thick Pockets. Average Lifespan of product from reviews: Approx. 1 year.

    Don't forget that Parrot Pockets do not come with hanging devices due to the diversity of methods parrots learn to take them down. You can hang them anywhere and any way you like. Some examples: Use sisal rope through the hanging hole; use dog chain and tie into a knot; Use a large quicklink; or use washers with a nut.

    The holes on regular Parrot Pockets holes are designed to be manipulated or opened by your parrot. MAKE SURE TO FILL IT TO THE TOP for new learners.
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