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Tasseled Pockets MD are designed for medium sized parrots like mini-macaws, small cockatoos, and larger conures. Tassels encourage exploration of Parrot Pockets and immediate destruction gratification.  The holes of the tassels are designed to discourage overall destruction by unzipping yet assist the inquisitive nature of parrots to explore the secrets contained inside--their pelleted diet or other dry food or toy idea!  Double sewn at the top and bottom to avoid unzipping, designed for refilling of their favorite dry diet, Parrot Pockets last awhile!  Mediums are 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.  5-6 oz leather. 5 tassels on each side.

Tasseled Pocket MD

  • Tassels are amazing due to their allure. They offer the best tactile sensation for your bird to investigate the new toy. They are easy to destroy and equally easy to replace with another stringy item for them to play with. The easy destruction actually encourages foraging behavior and investigative behavior as well. The extra labor is worth the extra fun!

    The tassels help shy birds to initiate touch on the new product.
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