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It's time for our birds to do what they do naturally--work for their food! Nearly 70 percent of a wild parrot's day is spent eating or acquiring food.

Parrot Pockets® have been created to fill the need for our birds to work for each bite. Parrot Pockets are designed for the bird to learn how to forage--a developmental necessity.


Many times, foraging toys are ignored because the bird does not understand the concept of object permanence--that something is still there and to find it. This is a learned behavior that we often don't realize needs teaching in our birds.  


Parrot Pockets® have it covered! The hole opens at the top wide enough to have easy access to favorite treats, pellets, dried goods and then becomes more difficult as they are emptied. Once they figure out to pull their treats from the holes, we have a foraging parrot! Be creative on what to fill it with--nuts, seeds, cereal, dry noodles, paper, etc. No more tossing food out the food dish. It's time to forage like they are hanging out on a claylick!













Each Parrot Pocket is unique and handmade in the USA by Parrot Ambassadors, volunteers and friends of Debbie Goodrich, Creator and Inventor of this unique, refillable foraging toy.   Look for the "Made by the Parrot Lady Brand"  The leather is 100% organic and veggie-tanned all in the US.










All Parrot Pockets® are 100% organic, handmade and hand-raised in the US using safe, veggie-tanned leather.  Imperfections are encouraged! Look for twists, dents, odd pieces in the hide as we use all the hide when we make our Pockets. We believe in sustainable practice and hope you do too!  We use ALL the hide and waste none.  Besides, these imperfections also encourage our birds to investigate. As we know, parrots are curious, problem-solving critters.

We do not sell Parrot Pockets® with any form of hanging device as each bird is unique in their problem solving skills. Some birds untie things, others unscrew things. We do not want to buy the wrong rope or metal to hang the Pockets with or upcharge for items you can get for a lower price at a hardware store.










So, hang your Pocket with washers and nuts and bolts, wingnuts, etc--just be sure the metal is STAINLESS STEEL. Also, you can hang your pocket with sisal rope as sisal can digest and fall apart easily for your bird vs. cotton which can get caught in toes. We hang our Pockets with quicklinks.


Sometimes they destroy a Pocket or two in the process of learning, but we try our best to make them pretty tough.  Each Pocket is saddle-machine-sewn (vs. tied or secured with rivets) with cotton/nylon saddle thread. We double-back the stitch and use either 6-7 oz leather for Regular Pockets or 9-10oz leather for Thick Pockets.  


My macaws have had the same Pockets in their houses now for over a year. Parrot Ambassadors' performing parrots eat HARRISON's and ZuPreem pelleted diet from their Pockets. The Pocket is not recommended for mashes or other wet foods due to food-borne pathogens and difficulty in sterility. We recommend any pelleted diet, millet spray, etc. 


Tips if your Pocket is tough to open:

You can wet the Pocket by soaking it for 5 minutes in water. Take a hammer handle or some wide implement to open the top of the Pocket fully.  Let the Pocket FULLY DRY with the implement inside. Remove the implement that stretched the leather.  WHOLLA! You have a opened Pocket that is easy to fill!The Pocket may harden. That is okay. The birds will soften the Pocket with usage. If it is still too hard for the bird to manipulate, soften with mineral oil or other nontoxic oil for your bird. Thank you for choosing Parrot Pockets®, The Ultimate Foraging Toy!



Parrot Pockets



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Dry goods preferred! Pelleted diet, cereal, whole leaf greens

Create the perfect set up to occupy your bird today.  Foraging is what they spend most of their time doing in the wild.  

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